Sunshine In A Bottle

Do you see it?

Can you feel it?

The fiery twinkle as the light bounces off the lake.

That warm yellow glow bathing our faces.

Listen to the singing birds playing in it

With the vibrant green leaves dancing in it.

The birds and leaves, dancing together in unchoreographed beauty.

What you’re seeing and feeling,

That is sunshine.

It’s been so long that we’ve forgotten.

We’ve forgotten what the sun feels like.

We have forgotten its light and its warmth.

But those faded memories are beginning to return.

When those beautiful rays make their first appearance.

When the soothing warmth permeates the cold winters’ frost.

Our heavy winter clothes fall off to reveal tank tops and sunglasses.

Our hair colour lightens and skin tone darkens.

Snow shovels give way to boats and barbeques.

It is finally summer time

But it’s here only for a short time

So enjoy it while it lasts.

Soon it will be gone

The warmth and light will disappear

And we will be left with frost and fading memories.

Though if you’re lucky,

A little piece of summer may decide to stay with you

But you have to capture it.

So go!

Go find it and capture it before it hides away

Trap the warmth and glow so you can enjoy it all year around

Catch it so you can gloat and boast to all your cold friends.

“I have sunshine in a bottle”

-Shawna L. Ferguson 2017



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