Little Kid Hate

When you were born,

Your first emotion,

Your first feeling.

Was fear.

You were afraid.

Pulled from your warm, cozy home.

The comfort of your mother’s womb.

Exposed to blinding lights,

Loud unfamiliar noises,

A cold room,

And a stranger holding you.

You were afraid.


Your next feeling.

In your mother’s warm embrace.

It’s familiar.

It’s comfortable.

You knew no hate.

As minutes turned to hours.

Hours to days

Days to weeks

And weeks to months

You learned more about life

And about these strange things we call feelings.

You learned the joy of seeing a doggy on the street.

You experienced the pain of falling.

You learned to love mom and dad.

Months turned to years.

You learned more and more.

You discovered your fear of darkness

Of the things lurking in the shadows.

And you began to understand hate.

It was little kid hate.

You hated that boy because he stole your animal crackers.

You didn’t hate him because of his race,

His gender,

Or even his religion.

And it didn’t last,

That little kid hate.

Within the hour you were best friends again.

By the time you started second grade,

You learned words like fat,


And stupid.

And you used them.

Not fully understanding what they meant and how they can hurt others.

As years went on,

More words were added to your arsenal.




You knew what those words meant.

You knew what they could do to someone.

But you didn’t care.

By the time you reached seventh grade,

You used those words every day.

In eighth grade,

You told a young girl to kill herself.

And she did.

That night she went home and killed part of her soul.

She was never the same after that.

But you didn’t care.

What happened?

You went from a baby

Who knew only love.

To a young boy

Who knew only hate.

What happened?

-Shawna L. Ferguson 2016



2 thoughts on “Little Kid Hate

  1. Hi,
    I agree with what you wrote. Our first emotion is fear. That is why we cry when we come out of the womb.
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