Shallow Grave

A shovel full of dirt. Every cigarette I smoke. Every drink I sip. Is another shovel full of dirt. Our air is full of pollution. Our food is full of chemicals. Every bite, Every breath, Is another shovel full of dirt. Yet I still eat and breathe. Every day I stay inside playing video games. … Continue reading Shallow Grave


Sunshine In A Bottle

Do you see it? Can you feel it? The fiery twinkle as the light bounces off the lake. That warm yellow glow bathing our faces. Listen to the singing birds playing in it With the vibrant green leaves dancing in it. The birds and leaves, dancing together in unchoreographed beauty. What you’re seeing and feeling, … Continue reading Sunshine In A Bottle


My mask is slowly crumbling. Falling away. Revealing my true self. How will I live without it? I hate what is behind this mask. I despise everything that hides there. I want the mask to become my true self. I need my mask. My true form is ugly It’s terrifying I can’t let you see … Continue reading Mask